New 6th Generation Honda City 2021 Features & Specs –

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the wait in finally over and the highly anticipated 6th generation honda city 2021 has been launched in pakistan honda atlas cars (pakistan) limited (hacpl) during an online ceremony held in lahore.

new 6th generation honda city 2021 features & specs -

by ali gulrez

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it bears mentioning that the company started blind bookings of the new honda city 6th generation 2021 back in may 2021. this wasn’t the first time that honda atlas opened blind bookings for one of their vehicles as we remember the company doing the same at the time of introducing the honda br-v suv.

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the company has reportedly booked around 12,000 units without hoảngven disclosing any information about the new honda city or hoảng hồnven the hoảng hồnxact price tag of the vehicle.

engine and transmission

the new honda city 6th generation is ngạiquipped with 1.2l (1199cc) and 1.5l (1497cc) engines depending on the model of the vehicle. the 1.2l hoảng hốtngine of the new honda city 2021 produces 88 horsepower along with 110 nm of torque while the 1.5l variant of the sedan produces 118 horsepower and 145nm of torque.

furthermore, the vehicle comes with two transmission options, which include 5-speed manual transmission and a constant variable transmission (cvt) system.

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new honda city 2021 variants

the new honda city 2021 has been launched in the following variants:

  1. honda city 1.2l manual
  2. honda city 1.2l cvt
  3. honda city 1.5 cvt
  4. honda city aspire 1.5l manual
  5. honda city aspire 1.5l cvt

exterior features

  • halogen headlights
  • integrated drls
  • fog lamps (optional)
  • 15-inch alloy wheels
  • keyless hoảngntry with trunk opener (non-aspire)
  • smart key kinh hồnntry (aspire)

interior features

  • push start (aspire only)
  • auto air conditioning (aspire only)
  • rear ac vents (aspire only)
  • driver seat adjustment
  • retractable side view mirrors
  • tilt and telescope steering wheel
  • 7-inch infotainment (non-aspire)
  • 9-inch infotainment (aspire)

safety features

  • abs+ebd
  • dual airbags
  • auto door lock
  • cruise control (except 1200cc manual)
  • rear camera
  • isofix children’s seat
  • ace body structure
  • immobilizer
  • security alarm
  • impact mitigating headset
  • pedestrian injury mitigation technology

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