1. Sylvester says:

    Make a video on full bike's basic servicing at home bro (DIY)…It will be useful for many….btw Quality content 🔥😍💯 keep it coming

  2. Partha pratim Khan says:

    I wish to change the halogen headlight of rtr 200 4v bs4 model to led headlight.. can u suggest a budget (2k-3k) led headlight for the purpose?

  3. being Curious says:

    I have been using Pirelli Rosso diablo II since last year, no complaint only happy rides specially in wet conditions.

    Would recommend to try out.

    Bonus of Rosso diablo II there is a increase in agility of Dominar.

  4. Rahul Gupta says:

    Why honda changed the engine oil grade from 10w30 to 5w30 in his bs6 scooter lineup like activa or activa 125?

  5. Moto Creed says:

    I have start using 7100 10w40 for my xpulse 200T but I am facing heating issue so is this normal or should i move back to hero oil

  6. Suryanshu Gupta says:

    No one make videos like you.
    Your new subscriber. Thank you so much for providing such good information.💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  7. Hithere says:

    Hi bro
    Can u make a video on fork oil .
    Using Honda shine …don't know about fork oil quantity or grade .
    Kindly help

  8. Satish century says:

    @The Sportztourer  hi bro I'm using 300v 10w40 in my RTR 180 I'm using this vehicle for long Ride and touring purposes only , engine oil been 1year and ran 3000km oil looks good now also so please advice me how log can I use same oil or can I change the oil , considering this situation weather I have to go with km or time for interval of the oil… If u say go with time tell me how long can I use the oil if I'm not crossing the interval KM because it's been already 1year… Please advise me..

  9. Noob Boy says:

    Motul 7100 10w30 is a good choice for those who want to do as per the manufacturer's Reccomendation. I think this the only fully synthetic 10w30 oil in the market. Loved your videos.❤️

  10. Azam Ali says:

    @1:44 I use to hate CEAT tyres but when i used it on my KTM RC 390 CEAT ZOOM RAD X1 i fell in love with it with the level of performance it that price range is absolutely mind blowing nd unbelievable amazing dry nd wet performance with superior cornering abilities 😎❤🔥👍👌 hats off to CEAT for this particular model we can blindly go for this tyre 👌👍🔥❤😎😍😇

  11. HASKO link says:

    I have changed 7.25 front tyre to 90/90 is that okay on my pulsar 135LS or is there any harm for my long term use. Specifically I'm an hard core user.

  12. The SuperCharged says:

    As for asking the service centre guys to put the engine oil of my choice as long as the grade is same as the stock, i just ask them to give it in written on their letterhead that the warranty will be void if i use a different brand of engine oil with the same grade as recommended. They never give this in writing and agree to put the oil of my choice. 😁

  13. faisal kamran says:

    Bro can you suggest good tyres for pulsar 220 with good wet grip also. I want to keep at stock size. Most of my ride is done in city, sometimes only I go off road.

  14. M S AKSHAY says:

    I brought my xpulse 200 this year. Hero recommends me to put hero 10w30 engine oil. Can I use Castrol ultimate power1 oil to my bike. Does this voids my warranty?

  15. Biswajit Paul says:

    @thesportztourer Which is the best engine oil for Hero xtreme 160r? Can I use the 'Castrol power 1 ultimate 10w40'?

  16. Sunny Taneja says:

    I am using 10 W 30 in my Hero splendor bike..
    Is it ok if I use 10 W 40
    Also I want to know if engine oil get thin or thick on heating…
    If it gets thick then should i use a lower viscosity number oil or not…

  17. K B says:

    Hey dude, looking forward to your opinion on this. It's a question haunting me for the past one year. I have 3 2-wheelers at home and due to pandemic none of the vehicles individually clocked more than 1000 km in one year. With this being the case, I want to know what is a good oil change interval. Vehicles are a Suzuki Access, TVS Scooty and Pulsar 150.

  18. Arunava Das says:

    Recently I bought a Platina h gear which is recommended 10w30 engine oil. But in the time of first service they put 10w50 in it. Is that ok?

  19. Harish Chander says:

    The real truth why service centres don't allow you to use 10w40 in the place of 10w30 is they want the bike to get worn out soon so that you bring that to the showroom for repairs very frequently. If use 20w40 in the place of 10w30 you can see the bike running even more smooth. Also when you use synthetic or semi synthetic in the place of mineral oil you can see reduction in vibration and increase in power of torque. But when you are running very slow speed not exceeding 40km/Hr then you must stick to mineral oil only.

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