43 thoughts on “Top 8 Best Synthetic Oils 2021 Synthetic Motor Oils Review

  1. Steven Sevek says:

    The last three vehicles we've owned recommended 0W-20 oil yet none of the oils you recommended were of that viscosity? I guess your video does not apply to me and/or to a large segment of the population!

  2. Jim Watson says:

    I have a friend who works for Duke Energy. Duke uses a Ton of lubricants so they brought some kind of Lubricant Engineer in to test Motor Oils. Among the Full Synthetics, Castrol won hands down.

  3. mark warnberg says:

    Marketing Hyp! Follow the Owerner Manual and find the cheapest oil that covers those specs! The engine will not run better by useing an overpriced motor oil.

  4. Bob Redeker says:

    This guy sounded like my 8th grade science teacher. Yeah he was boring too. That’s ten minutes I won’t get back.

  5. R ZF says:

    What a joke the people that invented synthetic oils which is Amsoil didn’t make the list I call bullshit on this video

  6. Joshua Moore says:

    I have used vavloine the most and had the best results. No engine failures and I am going to use it in my 6th passenger automobile I have owned. Pennzoil regular oil I have tried in five vehicles and once the oil change is complete and I drive the vehicle sounds like it needs an oil thickener like stp or Lucas oil additive. I have not tried Pennzoil full synthetic.

  7. Julian Lindley says:

    I think I would refer the individuals who represent this absurd video for psychiatric care and perhaps institutional protection. Bedlam used to be the place for these crass individuals in the UK. So do you think you have adequately explained the subtlety between each product "Dorothy". The very definition of a synthetic oil is outrageously abused by commercial self interest in the USA. A fully synthetic oil using the best base materials is a quite extraordinary lubricant but I do not believe "Dorothy" here would even begin to understand its science!

  8. The Oliver's says:

    YouTube should definitely DEMONITIZE your channel. Your simply reading the info from the company. I checked several of your videos. All fake as the #fakeassnews these days. Quit taking advantage of unsuspecting youtubers just trying to get some real info! Pure shit!!!

  9. Andy Schad says:

    This is a waste of electricity! Appears to be done by Mobil One. Amsoil doesn't make the list??? C'mon Man. Get real.

  10. Big Dog Street Performance says:

    These are good oils and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum was the best in this group! At the start it said these are thoughts and reviews of people buying and using them. I want to know what the oil experts who analyze the oil think of them not idiot people.

  11. Bob Kinney says:

    The main reason why Amsoil is not on the list is mainly to do with buying it off the shelf. You won't find Amsoil in Walmart, but you will find the other brands. The only shop I found around that has Amsoil on the counter is my motorcycle shop. I can get Amsoil for my bike real easy, need to order for my truck.

  12. MannyScoots(Patriot) says:

    The best oil that I have proven myself it's Amsoil fully synthetic……Nothing better ! …… It's 100% full synthetic …..

  13. stevencroon says:

    And yet Walmarts super tech full synthetic tests right about the middle of the pack, just don,t wait for that 10,000 mile factory recommended oil change. 3-5k max on oil change and filter depending on the car, you will be surprised by how many people don't change the filter.

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