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The exterior of the old Fortuner 2013 has no change from the 2012 Fortuner. At the front, the Fortuner has a chrome-plated grille with Toyota’s signature logo. The car retains the lens headlight system, integrated fog lights, rearview mirror with integrated turn signal. 


At the rear, the SUV features attractive-looking transparent tail lights, an aerodynamic rear spoiler, and a Fortuner logo with an elegant design that completes the overall SUV.

In terms of aesthetics, the old 2013 Toyota Fortuner generally brings a pretty good design direction. The car feels solid and dynamic.

Wallet-friendly 2013 Toyota Fortuner for Sale in Sep 2021

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The interior has leather seats, power windows, automatic climate control, and some wooden details that appeal.

The interior compartment of Fortuner 2013 can accommodate seven people. The first and second rows of seats are quite spacious to use. The driver’s seat has a cushion and a support area under the thighs. Because of the low ceiling, the third row of seats will be a bit cramped; it will be most suitable for children.

The seats have soft leather upholstery and feel relatively cool and comfortable, don’t sweat, and are easy to clean. The seat cushion is firm, not flattened, so users who sit for a long time do not feel tired.

Wallet-friendly 2013 Toyota Fortuner for Sale in Sep 2021

Safety and Specs:

The Toyota Fortuner 2013 specs have a 2.5L Diesel engine, so the performance of the Toyota Fortuner is still quite good.

However, the ability to accelerate and overtake the Toyota Fortuner 2013 is not impressive because the car is long and heavy. But in return, it runs durable, less broken.

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Fortuner 2013 includes two basic airbags (Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag), Immobilizer, and Security Alarm in terms of safety technology.

Technology Features:

Fortuner 2013 has been installed with a series of new technology features that bring modernity to the midsize SUV in this segment.

Toyota Fortuner 2013 uses entertainment facilities with a speaker system with a DVD player, color screen, and USB port.

An audio system provides information and entertainment in the car for occupants with AM and FM radio, CD, MP3.


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